Ideal Client Avatar Builder

  • Ideal Client Avatar Builder

    Better than writing down what yogurt your ideal client eats, let's look at their psychographics—fears, results, expectations and desires
  • Instructions

    1. Input the information for each section 2. The money is in the last entries that push your mind past the obvious 3. Do not press enter before you finish; it will submit the form which means you will have to start again. 4. Image must be under 1 mb (optional)
  • F.R.E.D.

    Fears, Results, Expectations, Desires List at least 10 for each. The first three are mundane, the middle four are interesting, the last three turn a profit.
  • Optional
  • Fears

  • Current Results

  • Expectations

  • Desires

  • P.Q.R2

    Problems, Questions, Roadblocks - Results List at least 10 of each.
  • Problems

  • Questions

  • Roadblocks

  • Wished for Results

  • Fred just wants to have fun

    How is your offer fun?
  • Entropy always increases

    How does your offer increase entropy while guised as ordered?