The Cascus Method

The Cascus Method

Saleable products from projects you care about and take pride in

Step 1: Ideal Client Avatar

Ideal Client Avatar Builder

Who will buy my product? – This person

  • Identifies who you sell to
  • Eliminates wishy-washy writing and speaking
  • Builds confidence
  • Creates a vibrant message that resonates with clients

Step 2: Your Native Niche

Native Niche Finder

How do I find my niche market? – With this finder

  • Combines your education, experience & market needs so that you can hone in on your niche which means your message will resonate with it
  • Reveals the wisdom of your offer so that pitching it will come naturally meaning no more trembling voice or avoidance writing sales letters
  • Gives you crystal clear insight so that you can be sure where to pick up your project and avoid spinning your wheels

Step 3: List of Potential Customers

List Builder

Where are my best customers? – On your list

  • Build a list of potential customers so that you can pitch your ideas which means instant feedback and sales
  • Get high-quality leads so that they want to hear from you which means you will build a relationship without spam
  • Convert leads to clients when your message resonates with them so that they look forward to your emails which means you will have a high open rate

Step 4: Hook Title Creator

Hook Title Creator

How should I hook my clients? – With the attractive result they want

  • Create title so compelling that your ideal customer cannot help but click it which means you can gain them as a lead
  • Hook new leads with just what they are looking for so that you get high quality leads which means no wasted time with junk emails 
  • Cater to the curiosity of your audience and then give them immediate value which is what they expect and desire

Step 5: Free Report Hook

Free Report Hook Writer

What do people want? – What they are curious about

  • Offer a free report so that leads get introduced to you immediately meaning that they build trust in you as an expert
  • Offer value in a way that they come back seeking more since you struck their curiosity the first time
  • Make a great first impression as their ally in the cause they believe in so that they trust you which means they will become loyal customers

Coming soon!

Step 6: Squeeze Page Generator

Step 7: Offer Composer

Step 8: Sales Page Generator

Step 9: Business Manager

Step 10: Genetics of Advertising

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