Projects to be proud of

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Organize your online life – Any device, anywhere

  • Save links so you never lose that amazing or useful site which means no need to re-Google everything
  • Access your links from any device anywhere, even on your friend’s phone at the top of the Himalayas which means no syncing issues
  • Share collections with friends or family so they don’t have to re-invent every search term you stumbled upon which means more connection and less frustration
  • Browse popular collections so you can find useful web cabinets which means you can benefit from the incessant Googling of those who came before you


Speak your book – Discover your voice

  • Transcribe audio easily so your text can be emailed to you which means you can get back to creating wonderful content
  • Speak your book so you can publish in a natural vibe which means readers will identify with your voice
  • Transcribe your podcast or seminar so it magically becomes text-searchable which means happy listeners/readers and less support emails
  • Easiest interface and best price available!

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Emotional awareness – We all need it, we're all lousy at it, it's time to master it

  • Train emotional awareness so you can connect instead of confront which means more bonding and less fighting
  • Turn potential fights into empathy so true healing can begin which means avoiding spinning your wheels
  • You will actually train with the daily 30 to 45 second triggers so you can train with no burden

The Cascus Method

Hobbypreneurship – Earn side income even with your awesome kids

  • Do what you love in a way that earns money so you can benefit from your hobbies which means you will actually do and share them
  • Complete the projects you always dreamed of doing but always had to work instead, today is the day to act so you can share them with your kids and grandchildren
  • Take pride in what you do by doing what you are proud about
  • Easiest way to enjoy your day is to gain income from doing projects you love, even with your awesome kids!

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Challenges where hobbypreneurs succeed

Gain momentum with clear steps and finalize your project

  • Step-by-step guidance from zero to hero
  • Feedback from other hobbypreneurs
  • Gain momentum on your project
  • Facebook event, email, text options
  • Low time input but super organized for results
  • Challenges on topics that all hobbypreneurs do, create, or make
  • Enter the current challenge today!
  • Don’t sail solo without a compass

Cascus Courses

Courses to take pride in

  • Learn how to master hobbypreneurship so you can relish doing amazing projects with people you love
  • Take charge of emotional awareness and project-based learning to be the person you want to be
  • Avoid floundering online and defaulting back into social media feeds
  • Show you kids how to be a boss in business and life!

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